about us

Manitou Springs is a vibrant, independent and unique community filled with intelligent, creative people.  Manitou Springs is a walkable community too. Due to the recent and ongoing revitalization, it is pleasant and relaxing to wander the streets while listening to street performers, tasting the spring waters, playing in the play parks and people watching.

Adam’s Mountain Cafe is independent and unique as well.  For example, not many restaurants have a letter drawer – much less two!  Because Adam’s dining room is set with antique tables and chairs, some of the table have drawers built into them and it was discovered some years ago that customers were leaving notes for other future diners in the drawers.  Some of the notes are memories of birthday celebrations, love notes, dates to be memorialized or remembrances of loved ones past.  Some are simply funny, witty or bizarre but all are entertaining. The letter drawers don’t define us but they certainly attribute to our sense of identity.

About the Menu

Adam’s menu is intentionally designed to accommodate numerous dietary choices while at the same appealing to those simply wanting a good meal that is satisfying and delicious. We do not follow trends and instead try to consistently provide quality meals prepared in the purest, most authentic manner.  No microwaves are used in Adam’s.  No prepared foods are used in any cafe dish.  We depend heavily on our prep cooks who are responsible for preparing the bulk of the recipes.  We always look to buy organic and/or local first.  All servers are well versed in vegetarian and vegan diets and are trained to assist guests in navigating the menu.  Relationships are the backbone of our operation and that relationship starts with the menu.  We cannot apply all of these principles and be “fast” as well.  Our food takes time despite our best efforts to be efficient and quick.  Good cooking should take time, and we appreciate your patience.

Our Carbon Footprint

Here at the Cafe we recognize that we have a relatively enormous impact on the environment.  Restaurants are resource hogs and equal to our consumption is our output.  Adam’s has a history of trying to minimize that impact going back to the original location in 1985.  Een then we ordered in bulk, exphasized Organic and began recycling cans in 1995.  Hoever over the past decade we have made a trmendous push to do much more than recycle.  It started with an emphasis on locally sourced products.  We partner with a local farm in Manitou Springs to implement our commercial composting program.  We avoid micro packaging such as sugar packets, ketchup packets, and toothpicks.  Our TO GO packaing is biodegradable and corn based.  We recycle everything now and are actively working to reduce the use of paper having swiched to the iPad for much of our administrative work.  Rather than always ordering prodect to the cafe on a truck, we make as many items in house as possible, such as our chai tea, syrups for coffe drinks, every dessert on the menu, soups, sauces, dressings and pretty much everything…pretty much.


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