Adam’s Mountain Café:
“House” Orange Spice Tea

This is a caffeinated black tea infused with orange rind, cinnamon and clove. Prior to brewing, we recommend storing loose tea in an airtight container away from exposure of light. After brewing, store iced tea in a glass container to prevent staining. Keep refrigerated.

Recipe for 1 gallon of iced tea:

Using a home brewer coffee machine, add 1 cup of loose tea to a filter. Brew through 2 times (using the same tea grinds) pouring into a glass container each time. Allow to cool thoroughly before refrigerating.

For hot tea, brew 1 pot of tea using ½ cup of loose Orange Spice. Brew through only 1 time. *Note, if your tea does not “taste like it does at Adam’s” here are a few things to know where you may need to make adjustments. We use a commercial brewer that heats our water 30-40 degrees hotter than a home brewer. In addition, we use a flat-bottomed basked filter rather than a cone shaped filter. Therefore, you may choose to boil your water and steep with cheesecloth to the desired strength. Finally, “cloudy” tea is an indication that you have used too much loose tea in your brew.


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