Cooking Classes 2017

Let the 2017 Cooking Class season begin!!  For several years Adam’s Mountain Cafe has been offering cooking classes – but no ordinary cooking classes.  After reserching many different restaurant’s class offerings I can confirm that ours are unique, not to mention affordable and fun.  We design each class based around a specific cuisine such as Moraccan, for example.  We research up to 12 recipes as though you were creating an entire meal so there is always one chicken entree, one seafood entree, multiple side dishes, condiments and of course dessert!  Then we set up stations for each recipe.  Some recipes require two “cooks” per recipe, others only one and some recipes are simple and perfect for beginners where other recipes are more complicated for those with more experience or wanting a challenge.  Chef David oversees everyone’s progress, giving advice and demonstrating techniques.  At the end, all the prepared dishes are taken to the dining room where participants enjoy a delicious meal prepared by you!

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