Adam’s Mountain Cafe is a unique restaurant with a long history. The Cafe opened in 1985 at 733 Manitou Avenue. The original owners set out to create a menu that was fresh and organic while emphasizing vegetarian and vegan foods but also recognized the difficulty of surviving without options for omnivores.  Therefore the unique Adam’s menu was created. Every dish was vegetarian or vegan based but included the option to add Chicken, house smoked Salmon or fresh roasted Turkey. And most importantly – make it fresh, keep it real, build relationships with producers and distributors, honor the food and the people who make it, who serve it and the customers who appreciate it. That was over 30 years ago and although the owner today has made decisions that keep the Cafe current and competitive, her commitment to that same philosophy of food preparation, service and atmosphere is evident. The result is a restaurant that serves thousands of locals and visitors alike.  Located in Manitou Springs, the Cafe of summer months serves mostly visitors to the Pikes Peak region looking for a unique dining experience, fine cocktails, house made desserts and charming atmosphere. In the off season, the locals trickle in looking for their house favorites, time with friends and family gatherings.  At any time of the year Adam’s is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Southern Colorado – adaptable to changing times but solidly grounded in it’s history and in the idea that a good meal should appeal to all of the senses while attracting  new generations of young foodies as well as the folks who have supported Adam’s Mountain Cafe for 30 years.


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