About Us

Manitou Springs is a vibrant, independent and unique community filled with intelligent, creative people. Manitou Springs is a walkable community too. Due to the recent and ongoing revitalization, it is pleasant and relaxing to wander the streets while listening to street performers, tasting the spring waters, playing in the play parks and people watching.

Adam’s Mountain Cafe is independent and unique as well.  For example, not many restaurants have a letter drawer – much less two!  Because Adam’s dining room is set with antique tables and chairs, some of the table have drawers built into them and it was discovered some years ago that customers were leaving notes for other future diners in the drawers.  Some of the notes are memories of birthday celebrations, love notes, dates to be memorialized or remebrances of loved ones past.  Some are simply funny, witty or bizarre but all are entertaining. The letter drawers don’t define us but they certainly attribute to our sense of identity.

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